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For friends who getting started to cut corners, exchange views and learn from each other with my 44 years of experience in pigeon. Willing to share some information with you. 
Currently sea and land game is not the same, to achieve both fame and wealth in the game there are three conditions to be met :( 1) breed of pigeon (2) game technology (3) funds.Otherwise, good results will definitely be stalled off.
Today winning, doesn’t mean tomorrow will be rewarded. Because there are continuation problems of breeding. The rewarded pigeons are good pigeons, but the rewards can continue to the next generation are the knowledge of breeders.
This is the biggest problem in pigeon farming and it’s also obstacles to the racers. 
"Pigeon interrupted my life." 
1971 came into contact with pigeon, pigeon career is a road that can’t return. I was born in 1954, I have 44 years of pigeon farming experience. There are 19 years without reward in the beginning, because I didn’t understand the difficulty of breeding pigeon.
Gone through the bitter process, I’ve got a little achievement today. I have participated for 44 years in the frontline of pigeon race, so I have a wealth of experience in nurturing racing pigeons and also cultivated many top. I would like to share the experience that I realized with you. 
Welcome to join the ranks of the Feng Xing Times. Pigeons on online shopping platform were cultivated carefully and selected. Low price does not mean poor quality, high price does not guarantee to win a prize. I came through these process and the money I spent in the loft was countless. Willing to share with you in reasonable price, wish to get good results.
Welcome seniors to visit our loft and offer an opinion.